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034.Sun moves into Optimistic Sagittarius and Neptune moves direct. You do know.

November 22, 2017

November 21-27 2017 This week the Sun slides into forthright Sagittarius. You will now have a knack for knowing what you know without knowing how you know it. This is your intuition.Trust it.

This week Neptune will shift forward again. In the last few months you may have had to learn to let go of situations that do not serve you -insight into how you may be causing your own suffering is possible now. Forgiveness comes easy when Neptune is shimmering down on us.

If you can conceive it and If you can believe it- You can achieve it.    It is your ability to create within your imagination the life you wish to see.  It can be used against your too- This is why you must discipline your mind against negative hallucinations.  Be careful what realities you are calling into being.

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