012.Generous Full Moon in Sagittarius- Venus into Taurus and Mercury into Sadge- Level up for lucky new adventures

June 6, 2017
June 5 -11, 2017 -A week of exuberant truth and luck is ahead. The Sagittarius full Moon is ushering us along in our worldly adventures and Jupiter is turning direct to lift us out of pre-programmed loops.
Venus moves into Taurus and Mercury to Gemini- This is home for these planets - wonderful support for us in our quest to meet our potential. Leverage this energy to expand your reach.Great creativity with long-term value can come spilling forth through you from the Cosmos.
Enlist the Angelic realms and Galactic assistance to make lasting impressions with your natural abilities
Think passive income. Then google all the ways it can be so. Venus is great at having money and Taurus has a draw to all the finer things in life. Make making money fun. Tap into the flow.
This is a great week to make your moves. There is support coming to you from many angles. You are not alone. Remember this is your show. Direct that business as you see fit. You are the boss of you! And what a kind, wise and loving boss you are. Beam gratitude as if it is already so. Let us all go forth and prosper. And so it is!
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