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098.Venus moves to Taurus🌷 and Mars moves to Cancer💞Connect with your Lovely Loved ones in a Loving way.

May 11, 2019

May 8 -16 2019.  Busy Mars moves into home loving Cancer and Venus moves from Fiery Aries into contented Taurus.  We are supported by earth energy now. The power to manifest is always at our disposal, but now its working in obvious tangible ways.  What are you building? How are you growing?

The wheel of fortune is turning for us all right now.  If things are not going your way perhaps its pay back time.  Handle tangles graciously with full responsibility to move through sticky situations quickly.  Grace and gratitude will get you the kind of places you want to be.

There is equal possibility that things are going really well for you now.  Your Higher self is guiding  you to where you planned to be. A coming home of sorts.  Picking up where you left Off.  All your efforts are paying off. Even efforts made in lives you can’t quite remember.


Self care is essential, and Mars in Cancer starting the 15th, should have no problem seeing you take care of you. All relationships will follow the relationship you have with your precious Self.

Venus is moving into Taurus on the 15th will help you get down and dig in.  Magical methods can set you up to receive all the abundance and pleasure the Universe has to offer. 

Check your Values? Are they really yours or did you pick them up from a sick society. Life's greatest pleasures are simple and often free. What are your priorities? Is it time to realign?

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