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075.💡Mercury Conjoins Jupiter and moves into Sagittarius: ✨A wish begins with a💤 Dream

October 30, 2018

October 30-November 2018 Mercury and Jupiter fuse in space and time granting us with brilliant plans and understanding. Mercury will shift into Sagittarius. Amping-up our need to know the truth which does set us free. Venus Retrograde and Uranus get in a tussle about whether to stay or change. Or maybe change and stay. Venus will leave Scorpio and back track into Libra territory. A chance to set things right is available. A redo has come due.

Remember: A wish begins with a dream. A dream who’s time has come. Are your dreams guiding you? Make a note to write them down or otherwise record them to be remembered. Important messages come through now..

It may take a little work to progress. Most of us don’t want to leave our comfort zone. But to get somewhere better we must. Take a deep breath and be ready for anything. You will know what to do when you do. Be present and come from your heart. Much Love is all around.

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