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072.🔮Mercury Moves to Scorpio: 🚪Deep thoughts need thinking. What you Value motivates you

October 10, 2018

October 9- 15, 2018 connector Mercury moves into loyal Scorpio. It will oppose Uranus in super stubborn Taurus. Plenty of power struggle possibilities. Yikes. Venus in Scorpio is also in a tangle with macho Mars in detached Aquarius.

All manner of miscommunication is possible. Maybe never talking again is the way to go. Maybe some things are worth fighting for. Maybe. Maybe not. The sun is in Libra.

If you are feeling the dull ache of repressed pain , open your arms wide to those terrible feelings inside.  Be there for you. A deep and honest relationship with your own true self will set the stage for all relationships to follow.

Stay present.  Rest a lot. Make your to do lists and get clear about your values and motivation. What you Value motivates you.  Your super sleuthing abilities are on fire right now. Find the root of your pain and pull it out. Toss it. You really don’t need it going forward.

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