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068.✨Virgo new Moon: 🌟 Clarify your direction and purify your purpose

September 6, 2018

September 12-19, 2018 Things are changing fast now. Quick thinking Mercury moves to diligent Virgo. Venus moves from lets be fair Libra to passionate Scorpio. Mars moves into rebel changemaker Aquarius. The Moon is New in Virgo. New beginnings, new opportunities to clarify your direction and purify your purpose. Saturn goes direct too: This is where the rubber meets the road.

When planets shift signs we feel it. Maybe we don't even know what we are feeling or why,but we feelers feel it. Mercury moving from fun loving Leo into OCD Virgo is a bit of a shock but also welcome for most of us. It's nice to get things in order. To sort the data and share the results. Mercury in Virgo gives us all a deep down desire to clarify and refine. Order will follow. It's a lovely place to start from.

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