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040. Planetary powwow in Capricorn this week: What is your five year plan? Remember, fun starts with fundamentals.

January 10, 2018

January 9-15 Planets are gathering in Capricorn territory. It’s time to step up and turn dreams into reality with the magic of hard work and dedication. Opportunities are around right now. Don’t scatter Consolidate. Fortune favors the bold.

Capricorn in a very steadfast energy. If you need a nice fat dose of reality this is it. Yet, there is a magic about all this hard work. It’s the secret ingredient of success. Focus.


There is opportunity to tap into the benefits of all this Capricorn energy. Release the past. The traditions that no longer work. Pluto is helping make this happen.

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Albert Einstein

The New Moon in Capricorn happens next week on the sixteenth.  Use this week to prepare your plan. Contemplate. Ask yourself:

What do I want?

What higher quality will it give me?

What is the essence I am after?

Use your imagination and visualize what you want to create. Even ‘Who’ you want to create. Ask yourself:

What qualities (skills, knowledge, attitudes etc.) do I want this new person or people to have?

What qualities can I offer to others?

Put yourself out there Dream a little dream and share what you know you know.  There is magic in the air.

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