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021.The Eclipse Portal opens- The present is your point of power. Full Moon in Aquarius- find your people.

August 7, 2017
August 7-13 2017. The magical Eclipse portal opens on Monday August 7th at 11:11 am PST and the full moon in future loving Aquarius opposes the bright and joyful Leo Sun. Resistance is futile. This is hot hot energy cooly burning off the unnecessary. It is realignment time. An upgrade to a more resonant life is occurring for all of us. Mercury will go retrograde this week too. Double double check all the details.
The full moon in Aquarius asks you what your Heart needs to be who you really are in the world in a way that benefits all. You are a unique and beautiful snowflake, or water droplet or whatever- are you letting the world know this about you?
 One great gift of this Full moon Aquarius energy is that we can tap into detachment. Aquarius energy is tapped into the collective. We may be able to express ourselves in ways that liberate us from previous versions of ourselves. Join forces with like minded companions. Not in an ooey gooey emotional way but in a we can change things together kind of way.
Perhaps to be fully ourselves we need others and others need us.  It's no longer appropriate to hide your light. Call in the ability to shine as your true and total self. Now is the time.  Now is always the time. The Present is the point of power.
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