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026.This is Virgo time. Your critical thinking skills are on fire. Venus is helping to add value to your life

September 11, 2017

September 11-17, 2017 This is Virgo time of year. Our ability to find the flaws is on turbo now. Use it. Do what you can to put your world in order now. Our values are morphing. Our superpowers are coming on line more fully. Put everything in place to integrate these magical upgrades of order and clarity.

Tuesday Venus is Trine Saturn. This is a supportive energy. A lucky break. Good Karma coming back to you Saturn offers you a sense of stability and slow dependable growth in lucrative directions. Connected harmoniously to Venus we can earn the rewards of our hard work.

Is there a relationship that is asking for you to step it up? Make your declarations of undying Love. Venus wants beauty, peace, harmony and maybe some wealth too. Together we stand- divided we fall. Maybe its your work, or a new community, or a mate- whatever you need to commit t, now is the time.

The very next day, Wednesday, Saturn is in a most difficult aspect with the Sun. This is tricky stuff- You may have just taken a big leap in faith and now you are feeling stifled and thwarted. This will pass.

By Friday there is a super lovely sextile , between most generous Jupiter in other oriented Libra and Relationship loving Venus. Venus Rules Libra, this is very beautiful flowing energy. Moments of magic and sudden upgrades to new levels of ease and joy. 

Saturday is going to be a potent day. Your critical thinking skills are on fire. Your mind is sharp and alert. Watch your tongue this day- but also don't.

Sunday a wild card is available. The beautiful, fortunate, unexpected good luck. Venus will Trine Uranus.  There are so many great ways this day could come together. Initiate activity out of the norm for best results - get out there, ciculate.

Step into the vibration of gratitude. It is your ticket to Joy and wonder. These times we live in are pivotal, they are magical. Take a moment to stand in awe at the beauty. Anchor in that awe to spread the joyful vibes of innovative evolution.

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