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024. Saturn Direct- Now you know. Move forward with confidence, take responsiblity

August 28, 2017

August 28-September 3, 2017 Saturn is direct. How have things changed since April? Saturn makes sure the Karmic scales are balanced. Mercury retrograde can put us in touch with information that isveiled in someway. A messenger between worlds. Have you learned your lessons?

If so, you can go forth with a solid foundation beneath your feet. Now you can see the rewards for staying the course. Saturn is ready to hand over the goods, are you ready to take on the responsibility? That iswhat is required.

We are coming through some very swiftly changing times. Which is good. Sometimes hard and disorienting, but worth it. Mercury is retrograde which is disruptive when it needs to be. It keeps you in a state of review, to be sure you have your head on strait.

Look for messages from departed loved ones. Pay close attention to your dreams. Go through old journals and see if you left yourself any messages. Looking back in time can be enlightening, healing.

Observe your own inclinations, give yourself space to follow your natural rhythms. With space you can find the clues, you can sense the direction of the highest, most light filled version of this lifetime. Allow yourself the space. Insist upon it.

Saturn went direct on the 25th after back tracking since April in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius energy is making sure the truth comes out. The truth can be nasty. But better out than in- festering feelings are toxic. Get things moving.

How has life been since April? No doubt you have been tossed around in really dark and stormy waters. Regret, sorrow, loss, grief, shame, guilt, melancholy. Saturn has been teaching us the lessons we signed on for. The more tied into your own chart this transit is the more you will feel it in your life. It can be all different kinds of painful.

Now that Saturn is moving direct again things are turning around. The healing is initiated. Growth and understanding have occurred. You might be adapting to the loss of many important aspects of life. Trust though, that you are gaining so much more than you are letting go.

No time to get down you are moving up.

Look for the magical path. Follow the light. Work with the Light.

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