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140.🧐Mercury retrograde, Libra new moon,👻 Sun in Scorpio: Do the work, however hard, and you will be🔑 dazzled by the magic of change.

October 16, 2020

The new Moon in peace seeking Libra on October 16, 2020 is tense. Mercury retrograde in penetrating Scorpio gives us a chance to enter our very own underworld.  It’s fear facing time. How invigorating! Just in time for Halloween.

The new moon is in capricious Libra.  So sweet, you would think.  But this New Moon is complicated: Angry and confused.   Ever feel backed into a corner?  No time to think through your instinctual reaction.  This time is kinda like that.  Act.

The Cardinal signs are in a loud argument. All the neighbors can hear. There may not be anything left to reconcile.  What a big bad complicated wonderful gift it can be when all is lost. 

Now what? The question that will take you to the next best version of your most fabulous life.

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