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131.Full Moon🌕 Lunar Eclipse in righteous Sagittarius: 💕 Hold tight to what’s right💎 shine your Light. Venus begins again

June 3, 2020

June 2020 Starts off with peace seeking Venus retrograde joins the Sun just days before a full moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The Eclipse portal opens June 5th. Who we are before and who we are after will not be the same. Our beliefs are evolving. We are in search of truth and love as we squarely face the despicable darkness. As within so without.

Warrior Mars is involved, squaring off with both the shifting Gemini Sun and the Jupiter ruled Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter seeks justice and Gemini rules what’s happening right in our very own neighborhoods.   There is tension. Perhaps an understatement.  Truth and Justice are angry. Anger fuels the change. It’s so obvious yet unclear. Catharsis occurs.

Uranus is sextile Mercury too.  Our minds are sharp and ready for change. We are all humanitarians, here to help. Uranus is the higher mind, the lightning fast implementation of technology.  We are poised perfectly for swift adaptation.  Easy communication of revolutionary ideas helps ease fear and tension.  Tune into higher frequencies with intention.

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