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107. Lions Gate 🌞 Jupiter Direct and Uranus Retrograde. 🙏Your Life is your work of Art

August 8, 2019

August 8-14  2019 We are in the middle of the Leo Season. The stars are aligned with the Lions gate. We can tap into the joyful abundance of our regal roots.  The enthusiasm of fire is strong with many fortunate alignments this week. The week ends with Jupiter direct. We are strong and brave and the timing is Divine. 

The strong fire energy supports us in our take off.  Helps us believe what we know is true. Confidence is more natural now as a stellium of planets are all gathered in Leo. We are all getting a massive download of energy to help with our progress to our most joyful lives.

You are the designer of your future self 

Set your compass to the direction of Joy and the choice to make will always be obvious. Especially now with all the follow your heart vibes while the planets march with pride through Leo.

We head towards the Aquarius Full moon on the 15th. No better time to drop what’s out of alignment with your new fabulous life. Big warm glowing luck is shining down now. Step into the Light. Shine bright.

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