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036. Action packed Mars moves into Transforming Scorpio and Mercury is going over what we have learned the last few months.

December 6, 2017

December 5-11, 2017 Mercury is very much retrograde, traking back through the last few months, making sure we understand what went down. Mars is moving from non-confrontational Libra into fearless Scorpio. The truth keeps coming. Our liberation depends on it.

December 6 Mercury is fused in space with Saturn in Sagittarius. With Mercury in retrograde we are back tracking over the territory we just crossed. Our fear and regrets can be front and center with somber Saturn flavoring this time. Mars in helpful connection can give you the courage you need.  Courage is developed in the face of fear. Be brave.

Take the time to really understand things while Mercury is retrograde. It will retrace steps that Saturn has taken. This will be Saturns last go in Sagittarius before moving to Capricorn.

How honest can you be with yourself?  The truth will set you free to lay new, rock solid foundations you will start building when Saturn moves to Capricorn later this month.


There is much opportunity to advance your cause this week.  Hopefully you are your cause. Remember you are a sensitive instrument. You need to take care of your own energy. Go at your own pace.  Rest when you need to and keep your batteries charged with Loving kindness. Start with you.

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