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July 15, 2019

Lunar Eclipse full moon in Capricorn July 16,2019- 2:38 pm PDT.  The Full moon brings to light what is hidden. The full moon Lunar Eclipse in Karmic Capricorn is no joke. The Eclipse ushers in the changes that keep us growing, which keeps us going. Arduous though it may be at times. Times like these. 

Check the Capricorn area of your chart.  There is so much energy in complicated opposition. Our relationship to what we Love is affected as Venus and Mars are conjunct in Cancer. There the North Node points the way to our evolution, yet this full moon is near the South Node of our past, lessons learned, seeds sowed.

Sunday the 21st the healing will be obvious.  The Moon will join with Neptune and Harmonize with Mercury and Venus.  Blessings are apparent. This is a soothing end to a difficult week. Now you know. The Negative has been transformed to the positive through the alchemy of feeling. Cool.  We made it. Even if we don’t make it we made it. May the light of understanding soothe your Soul. May your boundaries be ablaze with Love. 

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