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035 Seek meaning and truth. Communicate and review- Full Moon in curious Gemini. Venus Moves to Sagittarius. Mercury goes retrograde.

November 29, 2017

November 28- December 1, 2017 Peace seeking Venus Jumps out of suspicious Scorpio into truth seeking Sagittarius.

Frustrated Mars is having a go with bust it up Uranus. Keep your eyes open for trouble.

Generous Jupiter and Neptune are creating a dreamy harmony that can reveal the moral of the story and show you the silver lining.

Mercury is going retrograde. This is the week to review.

The Moon will be full in curious Gemini on Sunday - Neptune is influencing this in a tricky way. Things are not what they seem, proceed with optimistic caution.

The Moon Full in Gemini helps us see ourselves more clearly. Relationships with your everyday exchanges or with your siblings and close friends could come into focus.

This is a wonderful time to take note of what areas of your life and communications need an upgrade. Intend to release what stands in your way. With all this deep diving truth seeking energy as of late you will be well aware of what needs to change. Change is easy now.

Busy week for all of us. Now is the time to review for the clues and release the obstacles. May we each go forth and prosper on all levels. Much Light and Manylessings.

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