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027.Virgo New Moon And The Equinox- Implement new plans.

September 19, 2017
September 18- 24, 2017 This is a pivotal week for all of us. The New Moon in Virgo is tapping us into purity and discernment. The Sun moves to Libra, the season changes and we are all in a whole new phase of life.
Use this Abundant Virgo energy to go over your life with a fine tooth comb. You will not even have to look for the flaws. They will just pop out, like white under black light. This is the season to bring balance and take stock.
The New Moon in Virgo is at 10:30 pm PST. There is a supportive trine with Pluto in earth signs. The foundation building ability now is strong and thorough. Access this. Your power to see clearly how to change your world for the better is on fire right now .
The new moon is a reset button. A chance to integrate the energy the next sign has to offer. We have a new moon in a different sign every month. Virgo is offering up it's fastidious perspective now. Shortly before the New Moon, Venus will move into Virgo too. Mars is there as well as Mercury. All of our resources are gathered here to help us lift up to the next level.
Implement new routines.

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