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011. Mars into Cancer- tap into the wave of change.

May 29, 2017

May 29- June 4, 2017 Holy moly things are moving fast right now. Many significant connections are made. This is the wave of energy you most certainly want to hitch a ride on. Any move now will likely be a move in the right direction. Saturn rewards for productivity. Mars just has to get moving so together they are grounding us down to fire us up. We can shake off the past by laying new foundations. Work like a boss.

Saturn and Mars are still exerting an influence with their opposition. Oppositions create a sense of this or that. Handled well though, with intention, you can have this AND that. It's really a matter of raising your standards and intending both will work. With Saturn and Mars connecting we have a chance to get something off the ground. We have the energy needed to take action now.

Sunday Mars will move into Cancer for a big shift in energy. This pace will slow down with cozy Cancer. Being at home is all kinds of fun for Mars in Cancer. You'll have ample energy to make all kinds of changes. It's time to bless your nest. Nurturing all that is around you is a fabulous way to spend this energy. Water your plants. Make yummy food. Plan a staycation.

You are here to fulfill your potential and this is the kind of week that can sweep you up and move you into all the right directions. Follow your heart. Your knowing. Swift progress is possible now. You are supported. Ask and you shall receive all the help you can imagine for yourself. Many Blessings.

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