019.Mercury into orderly Virgo and the Sun fused with Mars in courageous Leo- Shoot from the heart.

July 24, 2017

July 24-30, 2017 Life is relentless. More changes this week as mental Mercury moves into discriminating Virgo. The shift from emotional to practical is a relief for Mercury. The new Leo Sun energy helps us get in touch with who we are at heart. And we need to be in touch with this if we are going to be who we came to be. Mars is super charging the already fiery Sun. The fuse is lit, get ready to blast off. This is integral work.

First off this week, we are very much in the energy of this powerful new moon. Life is conspiring to take us to where we need to be. This may seem uncomfortable. Monday/Tuesday the New moon energy is providing an opportunity for us to get clear on what we want. What brings joy? What are you drawn towards? Make sure that you are aligned on all levels. Do not make choices based on your ego alone. Knowing what you stand for will help you align with your truth. When you walk your talk life starts unfolding before you in happy ways.

Joy is a choice. Choose it.

The Eclipse portal will open on August seventh with the Full Moon in future loving Aquarius. We can feel the eclipse before the events that change our lives actually hit.

Change is coming. Create order and prepare- Also have fun. Somehow those things go together- Any Virgo will tell you this.

If you are feeling anxious or uncomfortable you can get a lot of help out of flower essences and essential oils. Ground yourself to the earth. This swirling wind tunnel of change is not for sissies.

Trust the process. Shine brightly.


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