013. A stellar week for communication- Say what you need to say. Dreamy Neptune asks us to go within dust of the long held dreams and make them real- Now it can happen!

June 12, 2017
There is much going on this week in the realm of communication and longterm goals. Life will make more sense when you are aligned with your own highest good. This week is creating this alignment.  Go with the flow - paddle when necessary.
Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces this Friday. It will be back tracking for five whole months. This is great news for us sensitive creative types. Neptune taps us into the cosmic soup. Great art is inspired from the Neptunian realm. For the next five months let inspiration be the leader in your life. What brings you joy?
 Trust the guidance of your own heart now.  Move in the direction of the highest expression of your deepest self - your true work here on earth. Many Blessings for a most fruitful week. 
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