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025.Full Moon in Pisces. Mars into Virgo and Mercury Direct, Nothing is as it seems- Everything is as it should be.

September 4, 2017

September 4-11 On the sixth the full moon in Pisces morphs with its ruling planet Neptune- Nothing is as it seems. Mars moves into Virgo the same day Mercury goes Direct.

Mercury finally moves direct on the fifth. It will take until the 19th for it to get to the location it was when retrograde started. The degree of the eclipse is active too. This really clarifies the direction you know you need to go.

Watch for signs you are on the right path. It may take time for this to be entirely clear, be patient. Keep a little notebook with all the signs you are encountering. Look to your dream world and your imagination for messages. Music, movies or poetry might deliver important marching orders.

We are swimming in the cosmic soup and realities are magically morphing during this full moon time.

Use the Abundant Virgo energy to draw a line. Boundaries are super important now. Imagine if you crossed the yellow line on the highway? Boundaries can be life saving.

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